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My Greatest Ally

This song is by Nick Bognar and appears on the album I'm In Love And I Hate It (2008).

My greatest ally said, The man that I will marry must have brown hair, play guitar (if only barely) and his SAT scores will both be exactly the same. She asserted, The one I'm looking for will know the best ways to drive me to the shore and when I meet him, I will know him by his middle name. Now, I don't have all the hair I should, but I know when I've got something good. And the only lasting question I've got is: When will you arrive? Waited all these years. Will you drive to meet me, or will I just sing my love songs for nobody's ears? I said to her: The woman of my dreams will know what color is on the inside of jelly beans and she will sing a song that sounds like one hand clapping for me. I insisted, If she's the one I'm seeking, she'll know the answers without stooping to peeking and she will rise like a mist to greet me when I finally see. Well, she always claps with both hands, but she can always meet my love's demands. She's here, and she's gone. Well, I am not a religious man, but I can admit when I'm blessed -I am!- and I'll never ask for nothing again now that you are here, after all this time. Now that I have met you I will sing my lovesongs for somebody's ears now that you're here

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