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I Knew I Should Have Stayed Home

This song is by Nick Bognar.

Drink up from your sippy cup. You did a pretty good job fucking everything up!
Failure's not something I approve. Failure's always just been something that I do.
If I've got ten years left in me, I can own everything I see if I don't give it all away...
I knew I should have stayed home!
It's not that I NEED a ride, but I'll prob'ly be killed if I stay outside.
32 cabs stuck in park. This is where the cabbies live, not where they work- and it's dark!
Keep thinking some damned cab will swerve to give me that which I deserve
Or pick me up but either way...
I knew I should have stayed home!
I'm so puffy, I'm so proud
"Success has fit me like a shroud" (Kelley Deal)
There was music in my dreams, the only color there was green.
I could've owned the south if I could shut my ugly mouth
Get used to the freezing if you can't get out...
In the darkness I can see 64 miles more up ahead of me
Call my folks up on the phone:
See how twisted and weak your little boy has grown!
And I've got nothing but my wits as I tear both my shoes to bits
I hear the echoes of my dad:
I knew I should have stayed home!

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