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Hot White Stardom

This song is by Nick Bognar and appears on the album I'm In Love And I Hate It (2008).

Did you wake up one day, all alone in your room, seeing: 1. Laugh lines, 2. Frown lines, 3. Fault lines? Did you get shaken up when you were just waking up- crow's footprints on the edge of your eyes? I didn't trust my own ears when I heard you say, I'm a divorcee. I got bills to pay. I got talent to waste (not accounting for taste)- I want money if I can't be happy- Hey Liz!
First you tore me apart, and then you sewed me back up. And I was different than how I was before. But you weren't satisfied being Lennon in heels- you had to cash in on your musical porn! It was a hell of a shock (if you know what I mean) when you put down your guitar to model bluejeans. You're a hero of mine on the highest of peaks. Now show the world your belly when you feel weak- Hey Liz!
Now she's a copy of those who tried to best her. Silken lyrics recorded to polyester.
All your lies were revealed in the hourglass sand. You've got superstar plans, but no time for your fans. With their song and your voice and a fresh PR team, you're a charicature. You're a middle aged teen- Hey Liz!
Play dumb while the labels are looking. Telling lies is a step down from hooking. Now you're covered in Flowers and Cum. Does it taste like stardom?

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