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Unaccepted Sin

This song is by Nexus.

How can you live with yourself?
Knowing you have violated once pure minds
Castration seems the right answer
Or torture for desired revenge
I have no repent for scum
And that's exactly what you've proved to be
Worthless child molester
Your sorry head can meet my steel capped boots

Not needed
This earth so
I warn your
Run from me

Unaccepted sin
Victim scarred for life
Self esteem cut thin
Worthless paedophile

You're love is nothing but sick
Don't come near me or I'll mess you up bad
Serving long years inside prison
Almost seems worth killing you
The grief you have caused is enough
Enough evidence to take law in my hands
Actions speak louder than words
And action I'll take on your kind

You cowards; you roaches; you sickos
Your prey is so harmless and blameless
They grow up thinking it's their fault
Forever scarred by their nightmares
If killing you lot became legal
A gun to your balls you would see
And when the steel trigger is pulled down
Your victims will laugh in revenge

Save me a court sentence
Blow your head off for me

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