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Tears Of A Junkie

This song is by Nexus.

A face that's so bittersweet; sad girl
And under those sleeves lie scars; seeping
Another seduced by drugs; cruel world
Under her mask she cries; help me
Happier times she's seen through; her eyes
Saw it all change before her; own eyes
Knife to her wrist she sees in; her mind
May be the last time I'll see; her eyes

Lie to yourself
Death you deny

All alone she sits curled
Tears run down her cold face
Her urge has consumed her
Now she lives in sadness

Hooded street dealer stands; waiting
Is his mind stained with guilt; or greed
Product is sold and poisons; thousands
Grief is denied by dirty; income
Poor depressed girl he dealt through; his eyes
Wonders about her deep in; his mind
But it's too late she lies with; needles
Body is cold tragic end; to life

All alone she lies stiff
Tears dried up on her skin
Her urge has now left her
Now she rests in peace

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