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This song is by Nexus.

Sometimes; I feel
Bitter like cold winds;
Hidden anger spreads;
Echoed thoughts of grief;
No pride
Frustration builds up everyday;
From my goddamn mistakes
Now I walk to find a place;
To burn my sorrows away
Mellow out forget real life
And think of better days
The same old song plays on and on
It's time to change the words

This hectic life provokes;
It pushes me too far;
I yell now in this state;
A bleeding voice that
Internal self churned anger;
Must let it out somehow:
Fermented brew of feelings;
I swallow now with hate

Feeling broken and betrayed;
I'm held back, crippled state
Can't do what I live for, long for;
Force fed mundane life
This obsessed limp state of mind;
Filtered so damn mild
Just one thing remains in turn;
A craving for better or worse
Pools of grief spread in my blood;
Dilute all sense of calm
A way out of this broken world;
Is to create my own
Ignition of the soul is near;
Frustration swells up fast
Anger is my pain relief;
And anger I shall cast

Sometimes; I feel
It's all too much to take;
But for today I wake;
To seize the day and live;
Show the world
I won't be vein-slashed like the rest;
It's time to make a stand
To go forth and fulfill the dream;
Leave depression behind
Through music I shall forge my life;
Forget the common lies
Clad as one we burn our hate;
For earth we sympathize

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