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This song is by Nexus.

Adrenalin is flowing and pumping through veins
Pushes us forward, drives us insane
Pain is replaced with an immortal strength
Strength from the soul that can never be quenched!

Adrenalin! (Is fuel for rage)
Adrenalin! (Is live onstage)
Adrenalin! Drives us to fight)
Adrenalin! (It's do or die)
Adrenalin! (Get high on sound)
Adrenalin! (Just let it pound)
Adrenalin! (Is fast and tight)
Adrenalin! (It's do or die)

Our love for music will live till the end
To send you our message is what we intend
So pick up some drumsticks, an axe or a mic
And thrash out some music and begin your life!

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