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Your Moonlit Face

This song is by Next 2 Nothing.

In my mind I see you leaving,
I know that you won't stay
Though thoughts can be deceiving,
I miss you more each day.
I know your not prepared for me to open up
I guess I'm kind of scared for a reply that has no luck.

I'll give whatever it takes for you to feel the same
Everyone makes mistakes but this should have no blame
For the sake of fucking life
Just give me one more try
Or is there nothin' I can do,
Your for me but am I for you?

I'll tear my ribs wide open, give you what's inside
I guess I'm really hoping you won't let me lose my pride.

If so... oh well...
I guess I'll burn to hell
But itd be worth losing my life
To look into your eyes
And loose my train of thought
With the gracious love you brought
Farewell my dear
I'm leaving here, I guess my lessons taught.

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