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Skye Beautiful

This song is by NEWS and appears on the album White (2015).

Reach for the skye 想いに身を預けて
眼を閉じれば I'll be there
繕った 覚えたての理屈 脱ぎ捨て
見渡せば there's a way

Everything's beautiful
Look, everything's beautiful

Reach for the stars 誰のために光るの?
教えてくれ what's out there
聞き落とした 胸に眠る強さ 握りしめ
思うがまま all the way

Everything's beautiful
'Cause, everything's beautiful

Reach for the light 遥か永遠(とわ)の彼方まで yeah
踏み出すだけ anywhere
着飾る理想 汚れる恐れ 全て振りほどいて
感じるままに lead the way

Everything's beautiful
Now, everything's beautiful
And my heart's unbreakable
And now my heart is unbreakable

Visions clear open wide
Peekaboo して None to hide
Deja vu 夢みたい
There's nothing in the way that I can't fight
listen feel it down inside
繋がる World is on my mind
はじけるから Like dynamite
Stay beautiful and このまま let's go fly!

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