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On The Broadway

This song is by New Trolls and appears on the album Amici (1988).

The girls are walking on the Broadway
You look for her
Can't see her anywhere
You ask her friends out on the Broadway
She's out around
You know she can't be found

She'll be there
Knowing you're the only one who care
Out on the Broadway
This love just took a strange direction
She's on her feet
She's running to the beat

She's just a girl that needs protection
You wanna know
Why she loves you so

Oh mystery
Looking hard and trying not to see
She's on the Broadway
Out on the Broadway

You can love her too
She'll be good to you
She can hold you tight
You know she'll be yours tonight
So in love with you
Says she loves you true
Until tomorrow night
Gone off in a strange direction
Says she needs protection

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