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Fuck The Oscars

This song is by New Mexican Disaster Squad and appears on the album New Mexican Disaster Squad (2005).

Fuck the Oscars and the media too
They're all illuminati and they're getting to you
They place hose in power to control you and me
And they suck out all our brains while we're watching TV
What do you thing! (I don't know)
It sounds like lizard men in parliament is a hoax
I know shady shit goes on all the time
But this conspiracy is just paranoia that's why an unoccupied mind
Will cling to any sort of mob mentality,
It's insane start with real problems and solutions will come
They tell us what they want, and assume that we're dumb
Fuck the Oscars and the media's polls
It's a simple method called population control
Open your eyes find the real problem not the disguise (NOT THE DISGUISE)
Delution paranoia suppose it does something for ya
But don't disregard the public's bleeding uneducated
Is what it seems but don't disregard
The public's bleeding uneducated uneducated

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