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You To Me

This song is by New Faces and appears on the album Two Years: The Lost Sessions (2013).

You to me, to me, you're lying from the start to me, to me
You're twisting up your heart on me, on me
You're changing every week on me in what you seek
And I can't talk to you 'cause something's caught my tongue
It's me, not you, but if I was with anyone but you
Then I would speak my mind in full, so yeah, it's you
You and me, and me we're really quite the same in how we see
It's just in how we think we don't agree, it's just in how
We're told to think where we don't click
And them to me, to me, those people talking there
I see, I see, they make it awfully hard for me to be
Content in who I am with you I need some truth now
We never said it would be easy, don't be surprised it's not that easy
Now I feel hot and cold in what I'm told
But if it was not like this we'd have nothing

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