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My Alarm

This song is by New Faces and appears on the album Two Years: The Lost Sessions (2013).

I had an argument today, someone didn't see my way
But my way's not the one with sight you must know
I've got no right to come here telling you you're worng telling you
Problems of mine those problems may matter a bit, but not that much
Deep inside the head the mind is so confused, it's so desperate
Acting like it knows it all that's a stupid lie, just a reflex
Well the sun is shining overhead, but clouds are soon to take from you
Your skies of blue away, then where'd your light go
I don't want to feel much anymore, 'cause feeling always makes you care
So let's just co-exist with this, that interaction badly missed
You're the one who should be pointing fingers, don't you see, but you're too kind
Someday this alarm of mine might finally stop its beeping but it's not likely
Go, go leave my alarm
So here we are and time has passed, I'm trying hard to erase that past
But I don't feel much different now than I did I don't know how

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