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End Of A Time

This song is by New Faces and appears on the album Two Years: The Lost Sessions (2013).

It's not the same anymore, days of old are days of old
There's not the taste of novelty, in my mouth it's gone from me
While it's the end of a time it's the start of a new kind of life
And wearily we move on, through it all through it all
My feeling's not quite so strong, something seems so awfully wrong
But while pessimists predict apocalypse there is some young girl getting her first kiss
I turned around, saw the frown saw the apathetic face of this town
Turn away, only say that it hates and dislikes and complains
But while it's true, apathy, is the most natural summary
All the thrills they pulse still in the middle of that town
But in these arms I am free, I am sure that I know at least one thing
That these arms care for me, whether I care for them or for she
Yeah it's the end of a time and it's the start of a new kind of life
It's the end of a time

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