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This song is by New Faces and appears on the album Two Years: The Lost Sessions (2013).

It only stings if you let it sting, it only hurts if you make it hurt
If out of sight then it's out of mind, so why should they demand we stop it
They're only lines on my face, they're only faults I can't erase
They're only cracks in an ice sheet, they're only facts that experts speak
But you and I we've our own facts, our cracks and our warning signs
So let the ice melt the seas collide, it's hard enough just to get by
They're only words just a little lie, they're only words that made you cry
They're only things that I don't need, only wants they're not for me
They're only signs that I'd like to read, they're only words without meaning
It only stings if you make it sting, it only calls if you hear it ring
It's just the sound of my own heart, beating far too fast that's all

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