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Today Is My Tomorrow

This song is by New Empire.

Tonight the images are clear
But forgetting what I hear
And not get closer
Rewind the history of one
Honest eyes are all but gone
And now it's over
We'll find away
To make things better
You'll find away
Nothing lasts forever
I care when I see you but I don't believe you
We'll find away

My time is limited at best
And you mean more than the rest
But I won't get closer
And your voice can sound sincere
So I'll scream this so you hear
That now it's over

When the light upon this breaks
We can take...
Winter ends, the spring begins
And the light will never show
I tried to save you, break you out
So hold on don't let go

The love we had's like all the rest
We'll burn it down and build it up
With what we have left
And all I care about tonight
Is tearing down everything untils it's all right

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