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Last Time

This song is by New Edition and appears on the album One Love (2004).

Last time (Ralph speaks)

I never had a love I couldn't handle
But lately since I lost my baby
I cried about it all the time
Can't let it go
And I don't know what to do no more

The last time
I'll ever love someone again
In my heart like that again
That was the last time
I'll ever trust somebody else
I don't need nobody else

There's something bothering me today
I haven't heard your voice babe on my phone (ooh ooh ooh oh)
My brother said he saw you
And you didn't even ask for me at all

I don't even know
Why you left me
My heart is aching
Oh I'm so lost for words
I can't explain how I'm feelin'

Lately I've been missing you
Everyone's been seeing you
Why should I pretend
My heart's been broke again

It makes no sense to claim you now
Where were you when I was down
It doesn't even matter at all
Everyone has to fall

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