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Love Your Favorite Ex

This song is by Never Say Forever.

Dear Everytime I Hear Your Name It Breaks My Heart,

Enclosed are photographs of days so long ago.
I've been dying to know if you ever think about a better
Way you could've ended this, if you ever think of me.
I guess it hurts the most to see the way you live, when
I think about the life I could've given you.

And the poison kiss on my lips you left does nothing
For this aching in my chest.

I only cared for you. If that's wrong then tell me what
What to do. I gave you all of me and more, should've seen
This coming long before, BEFORE I LET YOU

Break me. Take away the "everything" you gave me.
You gave me everything but you. This is where I say

Your Favorite Ex

P.S. I loved you more than you could ever understand
And I loved you more than you could ever love yourself

P.S.S. I bet it kills you now to know, now that you've got no one to hold
You're thinking, about the boy you wish you werent missing

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