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In Sickness And In Health

This song is by Nevea Tears and appears on the album Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You? (2004).

The story of us... Page one... Opening up... Lust betrays the useless hand that
Feeds. We are cut between the lines. The verdict sews where it bleeds, that
Was years ago. As you held her hand you let go, you will never share her
Cries of life. Opening up... Page two... I'm afraid I will lose her and these
Pictures will turn to shadows. And I'm afraid of watching the pages turn by
So quickly, and I'm afraid. The tides have changed and you're alone now.
Victims of abuse become a scene. Forgiven words are not enough to build the
Bridge of sincerity. Blame yourself or God for trusting the ones your life
Was counting on. In sickness and in health... I'm afraid I will lose her and
These pictures will turn to shadows. And I'm afraid of watching the pages
Turn by so quickly, and I'm afraid. If you could touch her face right now.
If you could hear her voice right now, this is the price you will pay for
Abandoning her in misery. (Let these snakes choke on her flesh. She burns on
The inside without you, and that's the end of the story.) Does it make you
Feel like you're a king... Preying on the innocent... She's suffocating, can't
You hear her?... It's a shame we do it to suit our own... And hope things make
Better sense another day

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