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Bird In Hand

This song is by Nevea Tears and appears on the album Run With The Hunted (2007).

I'm a man outside, but I'm a wreck within.
I wish you all Godspeed.
A broken heart can fill full of lust.
Give it up, but you can't win.
Shake it up, you'll never love again.
Give it up, you know it's over.
I can tell by the look in your eyes.
I'll wipe that smile right off your face.
We're only love, only peace; slaves to our own laziness.
And sometimes it gets in the way.
Breathing down my neck my dear, this one's for you.
We're only love, only peace; slaves to our own loneliness.
Breathe in, wake up.
These black roses are all for you.
You want a piece of me, I'll meet you all in hell.
We're only love (wash away this bitterness).
We're only peace (bath us in these cooling springs).
We're only slaves hoping we're only love.

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