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Twista Girls

This song is by Nevaeh.

(Lots of weird noise s)
...Shamooo mutha fucka!...,
This is a story
Bout two byours
From Ireland
And I call them
The twista girls

Long time ago me and my brother brian here... we were at the cork opera house to watch some sh*tty show called
Romeo and juliet!

So in the middle of the show we took a break... we were all goin' out to buy ice creams... ice creams you no 21st century

So anyway we see these byours sittin' down in front of us! and dey had twisters... and dey were just suckin on em... sucken on 'em like a big juicy banana

...Or twisters as it was in this situation!

And so she was suckin on em... and I says I says to my brother brian I says t'would be ledgend if she shares... you just see her takin' it out of her mouth and shoven it into another byours mouth

...And we exploded!

We had to go to the toilet to piss... or that's what dey said! so anyway then we left! we saw these byours again... and I says DUDE I'd like a SH*T...

And then... I ve never reached this point... And I was like YA THATS COOL!

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