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Its Worse When Youre Young

This song is by Neva Dinova.

She wakes up with her hair down, her hearts infected.
Her make-ups the least of her worries now.
Her hearts infected and she's already gone.
It's worse when you're young
Its worse when you can't talk the words from your tongue
She don't mean what she says. She's only got one day to make it right.
And I don't make the rules, but I've seen his face late at night, that's right.
That's right
It's worse when you're young.
Its worse when you're young. its worse when you can't talk the words from your tongue.
Sweetest face in your head, and everyone I know misses your lies.
We traded rings and nothings.
I wish I had mine now.
A lot of good my kisses did to your dead mouth.
Goodbyes are final now she swore.
So good bye.
Goodbye to all the things you loved.

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