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Prayers Of Sin

This song is by Neurotic and appears on the album The Rebirth Of Sin (2004).

You laugh at your god's face
As you desecrate a whole race
In your realm of illusions
You lead your disciples to disgrace
Commandments are broken
Words of blasphemy are spoken
Messiah of the deadly sins
The Wicked god wins

With open arms you embraced the love of Christ
With open eyes you preach your glorious lies
Impure, obscene, your prayers of sin

Enslavement is your toil
Profanity in sacred soil
You're the bringer of hate
The death of all faith
Betrayer, Deceiver
You're Satan's incarnate
Prophet of the apocalypse
The key to hell's gate

Demons are born in the world of lies
Were sin is sanctified
Heaven is torn and angels cry
As all that is Sacred Dies

Master of Deception
In a World of Emptiness
Where Promises are lies
And fear is a powerful ally

Inflicter of Pain divine
Ruler of the Evil's shrine
Self made god of blasphemy
Deified by inanity

Your hypothetical ideals you crucify
Non-belief you justify
Your motives you must fulfill
Even if you have to kill

The greatest atrocity
The loss of Innocence, of Purity
The art of manipulation
Your personal obsession

An Empire of tyranny
Intellect supremacy
A man made religion of disbelief
The doom of a failed humanity

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