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New Human Machine

This song is by Neurotic and appears on the album The Rebirth Of Sin (2004).

A new life Form, A new Breed
Methodically engineered
Years of Improvements, constant evolution
Programmed for Revolution

The Soul of a new born Machine!
Elevates Men to God Machine!
Master Of reality and Dream!

Organic Flesh cold metal
Perfect symbiosis
Machine and man made one
To rule under the sun

Synchronized Body and Mind
Red Eyes Open Wide
A mechanical messiah brought to life
A revelation to the blind

Brutal, merciless
Armed and fearless
Unstoppable determination
No chance for retaliation
A new Kingdom will rise
Reigned Without Compromise
The beginning of a new legacy
The fulfillment of the Prophecy

A new religion will born
As Christianity is torn
Legions will follow
But all so hollow
All will bow to the human Machine
The new emperor of sin
Future World Domination
By the neurotic foundation

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