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Fearful Life

This song is by Neurotic and appears on the album The Rebirth Of Sin (2004).

Those who live in conformity
Are bound to stupidity
In the emptiness of their lives
Frustration will kill their minds
Swallow those with hallowed intentions
Forever confined
In the infinity of time
In this shallow world ignorance is bliss
True emotions are tossed into the abyss
Material Kills The Individual
Replicas become so real
Some stay true To what they feel
Life itself they defy
Because they choose to know why
The truth is misunderstood
A destiny where dreams and hopes are fantasies
Is Spiritual glory a utopia?
Is The Honest man a Pariah?
Is there still any Dignity?
Or is it Pure Insanity?
There will be a moment in time
Where you will have to face your fear of life
Confronting reality
With a dark romantic insanity

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