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This song is by Neurotic and appears on the album The Rebirth Of Sin (2004).

Abortions, Monsters
Rejected By the World
A Joke To "Humans"
Seen As Mistakes
Pity The Word
Spoken By The World
Beyond Corruption
The Beautiful Ones
Innocence is a virtue
Humanity has long lost
In the search for absolute knowledge
But What Will be its cost?

In The Near Future
They'll be Men Made
In The name Of Evolution
Born To a Life Of Torture
Product of a Twisted Mind
The Spawning of a new Kind

Deep Inside in an abyssal Darkness
Is That Place Inside Our Minds
A place where nothing enters
Where All Beauty Dies
Intellect, Mind, Soul
The essence of humanity
Evil, The uniqueness Of Men

Their Body, a prison of flesh
Their Brain, a lifeless realm of thoughts
The Soul remains pure
Absent of evil

The "Inhuman" ones are the pure
The "Inhuman" ones are divine
We are The Privileged
We are The Intelligent
We are The Monsters
The Deformed Kind

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