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This song is by Neurotic and appears on the album The Rebirth Of Sin (2004).

A thirst that cannot be quenched
An Hunger that cannot be appeased
A sweet smell that tortures our souls
The forbidden appetite, Foul!

The sight of it makes our eyes shine
Our mouths slaver
Our minds blind
Is this the nature of our kind?

Forever we want more
Together we laugh with joy
No one can deprives of this thrill
Because no one can resist its appeal

The blood, the flesh
Ripped and torn still fresh
The grand celebration
Of the ritual death

A feast of sickness
Morbid, cannibalistic
Our greatest weakness

An exquisite taste
The need for gore
In the Land of lore
The question "why?" is forever ignored!

Enslaved but the beast inside
Were god's toys, Satan's Joy
From the beginning to our time
Leading us to the end of our kind

Men is the Hunter
Men is the prey
Men is the ravenous
Men is the food

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