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A Temporal Calamity

This song is by Neuraxis and appears on the album Imagery (1997).

Quantum physicists
Works on theories
Time translocation
Destroying eons
Past, present, future
Era's coincide
Technological advances
Now our demise

The unbridled rage of (in) human nature
Will ring out for all eternity
The sheer audacity of this crime
Will ring out for all eternity

KNOWLEDGE- A quest that plunges us deeper
POWER- The unquenched thirst that's never satisfied
PARADOX- Absurdity, a two-headed scape goat
DEVASTATE- Annihilation of wich no one shall know the out come

A silent whisper tells the story
A desolate landscape stands remorseless
Take a step forward, then take two back
Another brilliant victory in the name of
Pandora's box has been unleashed
The spilt second decline of man (un) kind
Mass genocide of the time/space continuum
Extreme consequences of our paradise lost

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