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This song is by Netsayi.

War has a lingering spirit of unease, bad luck and crippling pain.
It is dirty and stubburn but it also brings justice to the disenfranchised, frees enslaved nations.
Only a fishing man knows what he is fighting for.

Hodo ine ngozi
Hondoine tsvina
Hondo ine rushanbwa
Asi zyakare hondo inosunungra

Waiona waiziva
Waiziva wararama

Hondo ine ropa
Hodo ino paradza
Hondo ine nyatwa
Asi zvakare hodo inoumbarudzi

Waiona waiziva
Waiziva wararama
Hoiye iyere, hoiye iyere, hoiye iyere hiyere hiye
Pfuti haina hurukuro
Hodo haijairiki
Asi zvakare hondo inoumbarudzi

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