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In The Store

This song is by Nelly, features Cedric The Entertainer and appears on the album Nellyville (2002).

[Cedric:] Yo yo yo yo, my man, yo.
[Clerk:] Yeah. What can I help you with?
[Cedric:] Hey come on man you gotta say you got me on this one. Look...
[Clerk:] What do you need? What do you need?
[Cedric:] You got the new Nelly? You got that in? The Nellyville? You got that. Right?
[Clerk:] What is that rap or something?
[Cedric:] What?
[Clerk:] I think we just sold out of it man.
[Cedric:] Sold out?! Come on bro this the 4th 5th store I've been to today, they all sold out!
[Clerk:] We're all sold out bro.
[Cedric:] Come on man you gotta help a brother out, man I'm in a desperate situation here player!
[Clerk interruptes:] Hey Man!
[Clerk:] I'd love to help you my brother!
[Cedric:] I got a nice little sexy little thing waitin' on me at the crib & all she wanna hear is Nelly, I'm tryin' to get it through your spell.
[Clerk:] I hear you!
[Cedric interrupts:] What?
[Clerk:] I hear you, you gotta get the mood goin' you know...
[Cedric: laughin'] Yeah, that's what I'm tryin' to do, Pimp Juice!
[Clerk:] Pimp Juice?!
[Cedric:] Look man, let me... can you download it for me? Somethin'!
[Clerk:] Sorry man, we can't do that here, sorry!
[Cedric:] MP3? You can't...?
[Clerk:] No, we can't, we can't MP3 it, sorry.
[Cedric:] Let me take one of your listenin' machines or somethin' & I'll bring it back to you tomorrow.
[Clerk:] Your fuckin' crazy? My boss would kill me man!
[Cedric:] Look man, just check in the back, do whatever you gotta do.
[Clerk:] Hold on, let me s... let me see what I can do for you bro. Let me see...
[Clerk:] Man this is the last one I got.
[Cedric:] For real? Alright! Cool wait...
[Clerk:] The clean version, that's all I got, I found the clean version for you!
[Cedric:] It's the clean version?
[Clerk:] Nelly... you know the new one, Nellyville.
[Cedric:] It said there's no cussin' on it? None?
[Clerk:] You want it?
[Cedric:] That's all you got?
[Clerk:] It's hip-hop!
[Cedric: Sigh] Damn. Alright, alright give me that man. I just got to make it happen right now, I just gotta...
[Clerk:] Alright but hurry up we got people waitin' in line here, they've been waitin' for a long time.
[Cedric:] Yeah, go ahead & give it to me.
[Clerk:] Good luck dawg!

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