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Come Over

This song is by Nelly.

Here we come (Here we come now girl)
Come for you (Baby girl, aw, aw)

You know I just couldn't hide shit beneath me
Only nigga can take a still picture in 3D
If need be, I'm leavin' the party with Cindy
It's gotta be, bo-legged, long hair, Fendi
Ninety-nine, I move over to her twin-sister, Medni
I spit game like that to get brains like that
Butter soft leather seats, it came like that
If sex was football, I'd be a running back
Get ya on and get low, and I never fumble
Make ya throw your hands up when I bring in the zone
So if it's on, it's on, shit, I'm takin' you home
I got my home-dog out, it's on chrome, long gone
She like my bizza, my batlin' dog
You Lunatics, that's what I be sayin' bout y'all
I'm not a MD but I'm always on call
And I got a safe-way guaranteed not to stall

Here we come (Here we come now girl)
Come for you (Baby girl, aw, aw)

'Cause we be countdown from the sky to tha ground
Sippin' Allezey, steady puffin' on a pound
Hollerin' "whoa nah", slow down, switch it up
Mami, don't front, go down, hit it up

I'm like the New Edition, Don, Ralph, Bobby, and Mike
Not even Ricky "Rapper" Johnny can stand the rain tonight
Is this the end, damn right, I turned on a liking to
Vannessa Derrio like over Brian McKnight
Said "Oh no", baby doll kissin' me and she goin' down low
People at D.E.M.O., HOT, tell that you a pro
Swore up and down you never did this before
Whatever, just go slow

Hated by all types, baby fathers and dykes
Uptight and ready to fight 'cause I'm the one they women like
He think he tight, think he got more game than Spike Lee
Runnin' through his vains like an IV, high speeds
Tightest nigga for 5 G's and Al D.
Tryna catch my now when my price is low
Then 95 digits when the Lunatics blow
Another zero for a show, to let you niggas know, now what

Here we come (Here we come now girl)
Come for you (Baby girl, aw, aw)

You see me and my niggas only come out on the weekends
'Cause on the weekdays to busy creepin', freakin'
Wit' yo rat, now picture that, when she wit you,
She now speakin' what you weak in
Lettin me know that she really been thinkin'
About a nigga, even when I'm not with her
I'm frosty all year, while you only in the winter
My pockets gettin' fatter, your pockets gettin' thinner
I ain't payin' time so you callin' me a sinner
Old Payne, 29, callin' me a young tender
Nelly stopped on me, don't stop when I'm wit her
She ready 4 whatever and I ain't even bought her dinner
I sorted tha game on a bench with splinters
Beggin' your coach, let you play for a minute
The last seconds of the game, used to weigh in to enter
I ain't gotta herd no drugs no more, I know who tha winner

Here we come (Here we come now girl)
Come for you (Baby girl, aw, aw)

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