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July 27

This song is by Nellansay.

This night is the only night I need
A million thank yous
Keep your heart with me and keep the smile there
A million more years of togetherness
Will I slip into nothingness?
With you I am everything I could ever be
Everything I should ever be
A night like this makes loneliness bleed
Daemons leave this place
Look me in the eyes and tell me you need this
Nothing here but love and forever
It will be with us here eternally
With this night I can see more than stars and moon
My future is there towards me
Come here and rest
We have done all we can
Everything will happen to us now, good and clean
Daemons fled
Passion blooms
In the light of the stars and a desolate moon
We will stay this way forever
Holding hands until the clocks stop
Kiss and wake up

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