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Album by Nektar.
  1. Camouflage to White
  2. Old Mother Earth
  3. Child of Mine
  4. Phazed by the Storm
  5. Always
  6. Dancin' Into the Void
  7. The Debate
  8. After the Fall
Downloadable version on Amazon and iTunes include the cd-single "Always"
  1. Always (Radio Single Edit)
  2. Child of Mine (Radio Single Edit)
  3. Telephone (Live Studio Version 2004)
  4. Angel (Live Studio Version 2004)


  • Roye Albrighton – guitar, vocals
  • Alan "Taff" Freeman – keyboards, piano, organ, mellotron, backing vocals
  • Randy Dembo – bass, synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Ron Howden – drums, percussion, backing vocals

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