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Automation Horrorscope

This song is by Nektar and appears on the album Recycled (1975).

Computer voice:

"Webs of concrete, giving off waste dust that marks the search of an age of a thousand vast
empires, sweeping away legends untold to human ears. While shafts of steel clutch the
Stars, natural supplies once numerous now lapse into eerie silence recycled energy
Becomes the only form of life, as it was, and now new forms are moulded from patterns
Already used in a struggle to survive!"

You had me thinking that I'd lost my mind but no
It was you
Thought you'd make it to a better time 'til now
But it's through

Your castles made of sand
Hold out your helpless hands
Going down down down down down down down

They take it all, then take much more today
No man could ever realize his mistakes

They'll help you one step down
Sit back, and watch you drown
Going down down down
Going down down down down down down


Written by:

written by Nektar

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