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This song is by Neja and appears on the album Hot Stuff (2003).

Moving slow to the funky beat
Dance barefoot along the street
Sing love songs to fill the air
Now guess what's going on

I feel in love again
I breathe a world to share
This time I won't be scared
You don't look like an enemy

I'll be with you (just hug me baby)

Saturday - it's not far away
I'll be in your arms again
And who cares 'bout tomorrow
Saturday - my baby I can't stand waiting
I 'm going crazy
Unless there's another Saturday

Blood runs in my veins again
My five senses don't feel the same
You're living miles away
But it seems you're close to me

Before I heard no sound
No glance of love around
You are the perfect ground
To sow my seeds of love

So I'll be with you

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