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This song is by Neil Halstead and appears on the album Oh! Mighty Engine (2008).

You're drinking on your own
Running for the coast
Running from those ghosts
Running away girl
With one eye to your past

I see you took the stance
That now you've got the chance
You might as well just dance
Go skies and thrones and wings
And poetry and things

I think your doing fine
Don't offer me a line
I only want a cup of tea
Oh go on then just one
But I really I can't stay long

I love the way you shake but you've lost a little weight
Yeah you've lost a little weight
See you tomorrow
Same time same place

Mothers little helper is running for her shelter
And no one wants to know
Love dead as doornail
Patient unstirred

At least that's what they said
She's gone away for good
She's really made a meal
And blown the record deal

She's blown the record deal

See you to morrow
Same time same place


Written by:

Neil Halstead

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