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|song=I'm Your Man
|language = English

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I'm Your Man

This song is by Neil Diamond.

Won't you come into the living room
We can talk about
The way that we see this
You can snuggle in my easy chair
And I can tell you about
The man that I really am
We can talk about the family
Or we can talk about the things
That you've been missin'
What's missing
If you want someone who's listening
I'm your man, oh yeah
I'm your man, a-ha

Do you want to see a photograph
It's a picture of the two of us together
Got to be my favorite photograph
From a time I know
I'll always remember
Now we got a little family
Can't you see that I'm a man who's
Just discovered what love is
And one thing leads to another
But I'm your man, oh yeah
I'm your man a-ha

Can't you come into the living room
Got a few important things
I want to talk about
Won't you meet me in the living room
Stay around until there's not a single doubt
That I love you, yes I love you
When you need someone who loves you
I'm you man, a-ha
I'm your man, oh yeah
I'm your man

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