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Youse Guys

This song is by Neighborhood Friendly.

So we started a band

We wrote some shitty song about lending a hand

To the poor little kid down the road

To play at all of our ultra-cool shows

Looking at an empty room

With nothing but our friend

Who will smile and clap for us

When we get off stage for the first time

It's hopefully not the last time

You passed out our flyers

You paid our admission at the door

You wore our shirts just to make it known we existed

And we know it's not much

But we thank you for all that you do

And when the rest of the crowd stood staring emotionless

You scuffed up the floors;

It's good to know someone's enjoying us

Especially when just the week before

We played to three people's backs as they alked out the door

And I know we can't make it alone

But if you didn't want to hear you could just stay home

But you stayed with us faithfully

And we play for you gratefully

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