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Saving Suzanne

This song is by Neighborhood Friendly.

I'm a prisoner, in my cage

Is where I do my time

A crime I know not of

Gawked from a distance

By the free and unconstrained

I want to self-liberate

From this hell

In quicksand without a branch

I'm in the big house now, baby

Running the gambit for life

With no exodus in sight

Cold concrete on my back

Shuddering cold breaths of air

They find escape

But I can't seem to do the same

Incarcerated vacation

My soul decays,

I count the days

Until I'm free from captivity

Every day I spend my waking hours

Living now on end

Feeding just enough to shut me up

And to get me through the day

I'm in a broken state

Inside this cell

A stolen chance

I'm giving up my last stand

With no possible advance

My week at a glance

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