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We Are Coming

This song is by Nehoryn and appears on the album DekaDance (2008).

It's the time, we are coming!
Hey motherfuckers! Do you remember me?
With our Baseball bats, we'll destroy everything
I want to explose your fucking face

I don't forgive, it's my bloody avenge
You've got some blood in your hands
With my friends we are coming for her
I feel my demons waking up from my madness

I was a good boy without no story
But under the blows and sadness
My inside dark dragon has awakened
He won't sleep before eating your head

You thought I was this weak guy
But now I present you Mr Hyde
The Dragon will bring the apocalypse
Unless you shoot on your face front of me

All this fucking city is in the fear
That smells drugs, alcohol and sweat
For the final fight, We are coming
For the final fight

It's The Time!

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