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The Thousand Tongues Of Medusa

This song is by NehËmah and appears on the album Shadows From The Past (2003).

She's got the long fangs of a boar, two smooth golden wings, she's got bronze hands,
With sharp claws, her poison blood running through her ophidian corpse is magic, it's a
Cure, a real fucking venom linked to Gaia, it gives life to a warrior, a winged horse, nobody
Resists her diabolical eyes! Convulsions of pain and hate, endlessly cripple her frost face...
She lives far to the east, where eternity begins, in the Esperidian garden, close to the land
Of the dead. The thousand tongues of Medusa! Hidden in the shadows, humid and cold,
You wait without mercy, to petrify all life, your face is a mirror, which reflects the deep
Anguish of those who stare at you, even Ares doesn't resist... Whoever stares at your face,
Horrible and motionless, it turned into stone, for eternity...

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