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The Spectator

This song is by Neglected Fields and appears on the album Splenetic (2006).

Alas! Born of surgery blade in proficient hand to renew the world
Rushes the Chaos unlocking, and who will discern His seeds?
For cirques are high, the scenery heart is the gain of hold.
Celebrate! Lycanthropes and heretics, sinners and saints

What a virulence! Such a lovely strengths gently obsess every single crawl
Mutes are featured withdrawn; thus fable attracts and leaves
Not a scene will drop! Illusive is the intent, ghostly is the fall
A charm equals wretched believes...

No gift of choice to immolate
Chaos comes predicted even
Imaginary hate turns blind;
Forbidden lot...

The spiral snake, serpentine is the Universe
A flexure where nothing and nothing wind
To contemplate passing by is to breed the curse
Spectators! Global pestilent hive...

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