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The Cosm, The Vacuum, The Wave

This song is by Neglected Fields and appears on the album Splenetic (2006).

The Cosm, the vacuum, The wave
Enigma mystifying profound
A step aside from words, inanities and names

Theos from retort
Te Deum (nature?)
Fathomless is thy art
Profane I am.
Nor the revelation (neither)
Nor infinity belongs to man

I summon Hermes to obtain the final wrath!

The falling
The Foenix soaring flight
This writhing afterbirth...

Purification through abstract
The blood of matter (melting...)
Science failed to see
Perception reigns
Transposed and shattered
Transmutation ecstasy
With every grain

The Wind confronts me;
The Fire cleansed; The Earth- the secrecy
Temptation high
Adore me, the Water
I am; I create; I sanctify!

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