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Ov Snake

This song is by Neglected Fields and appears on the album Splenetic (2006).

Praise the Serpent inconspicuous
A shade
Among a shades exiguous
Coils like slithering mercury
... Three-feet long lethal fury...
Edenbeast Quetzalcoatl
Mostly a tempter rarely a victim
Reptile versus demigod-
Oh famous contradiction
Lunar-gold psychotic pits of eyes unwinking galaxies immense
... Esurient glance!

Ov grim...
Speechless scarlet restless cloven
The sting
An attribute appalling
Rumours primarily abhorrent
Enlighten us in horrid!
Neheb-Ka Uroborus
Cold blood cult apotheosis
The Omnivorous
Reveal metamorphosis
Frigid nascency of slough an effigy piquant enough to daze
A Ravenous grace!

Venomous obscene...
Whispered swear for nasty knowledge
Unclean... With fantasy adorned
Endowed with spite to horrify;
A hiss to chant the chosen
Anthems to the Serpent Sire
The Sire of science and poison

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