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My Days

This song is by Negazione and appears on the album Little Dreamer (1988).

I got memories
And I'm still looking for the truth
Nothing can kill the heart,
Another scream, another laugh
We feel like through changes... Tomorrow,
Tomorrow will be a great day
Yeah, I can feel it in my blood
I can see it in your eyes
Tomorrow will be a great day
They're comin'
My days...
They started from nothing
Impressed by hate
Brought by a wild rage
Of the deepest pain
It's a warm night
Under a trapped sky
My body's sweatin'
Eyes around me
A sweet smile 'n' your face... Today,
Today is a great day
Yeah, I know where to go
Just followin our souls
Today is a great day
It's here, they're here
My days
It's a state of mind
No way out, no easy lies
Just dreams of child and
My fuckin' life
True emotions for me and you
Anguish is banned, this is
The beginning of joy.

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