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Fall Apart (An' Tear It Down)

This song is by Negazione and appears on the album 100% (1990).

Stop at a gas station
I just end up with a result
From my toughts
I put pause on my eyes
Do I feel really good? Yeah, maybe...
Would I really feel bad? Not sure of...
But it could be

Fumes of gas are comin' up my nose
I stop people faces
Right in front of my eyes
I turn the motor on
I leave, I'm moving
Yes, I paid
Next is nowhere
But it can be everywhere
Just easy

I look at my left side
As for waitin' an' gettin' back into my thoughts.
Yes, maybe I'll start thinking of you
Once again
I look at your picture in my mind
I think of everything
From nothing to all

I look, I think
I open my eyes
I see the road
I look an' sweat...
I drive
I drive
I fucking drive!

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