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Don't Forget

This song is by Negazione and appears on the album Little Dreamer (1988).

You see, many years have gone
And I'm kinda tired of talking
About these things again
You'll be surely tired of it
But let me tell you
Few more things
For the very last time
It's about the way we live
It's concernin what we think
Main values have gone to dust
But opening our views will never mean to me
To forget about my morals
Nevr forget about my morals
This is not a boring preach,
Not a tired rethoric
I'm here only to say:
I wanna be aware once again
My dreams could be never attended
But my heart is still on the edge
My mind will never forget.
We all refused certain rules
And the beginning was great
So now I just say:
Keep on stickin at your own law
Don't accept any looser game
It's harder now yes I know
But we'll meet once again
In another clean sea
Don't forget.
Now it's just up to you and me.
Don't forget.
Our heads, our hearts, our hands
Are gonna be the right place for a revolution
Do not forget. Don't forget.

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