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The Toy Time Radio Show For Young Gentlemen

This song is by Negative Flood Cycle.

Long before I was a boy to this world, something put me here. Why?

Hasn't it always seemed you don't belong here? I remember the machines, do you?

So now I am this boy... and it's such a lonely body to live in. I find myself caught in a web.

Flies all around, flies abound, rotting in the string around you!

What's a boy to do? Will I be like them, or will I leave this place?

I will help you remember, you were more than this once. I remember the machines, do you? You are very much like me, more than you know.

You are the Spider, and I am you, so what's a boy to do?

This world could be better without boys like you!

I want to change, to become what I once was, to escape.

Why haven't you hatched?

All I see is black...

I'll show you the red. This was all I could do for you.

Spider, you crawl away then? I am you, but you are never here. I was never a maggot, I remember the machines. Is this my time to escape, to become? Or do I rot here, never more than my childhood memories?

You are better than this, but you are wounded. And you bear the weight of prophecy.

Sometimes, I feel like the only boy in a world full of flies.

You must open all eight eyes, see through the lies, chew the maggot eggs inside you.

What's a boy to do?

Eight eyes awaken, be not mistaken, this world was not made for boys like you. I cannot tell you why you are here, only that you have a chance to change it all.

What's a boy to do?

Time is running out for you.

What's a boy to do?

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