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Death Observer

This song is by Neformat and appears on the album Breathe with Hatred (2005).

I'm the death observer - I know you're too.
Don't feel shy to be frankly. We need to be cruel -
We are looking for blood with a cynical grin
We need this adrenaline we know what it means.
It's a way to hide fears. A way to feed them up.
We're just waiting for pain and we never say "Stop!"
All we need is to see the pain to have a good rest.
We pay for the other's death. We want it at its best.

Searching for supreme power we are death's idolaters.
Subconscious fears make us death's immolators.
There's a bloody line between dreams and reality.
We try to find the right way to immortality.
Pain and blood seems to us like right choice.
We agree and nobody wants to hear reason's voice.
Same old sick scenario we play day by day:
There's a victim and priest. Of course there's pain.

All we are the death observers!
Now you are the death observer!

Afraid to face own death we become slaves.
There is no rusty chain. There is only fear's maze.
Misery inside of us turns into the hatred for life.
We try to solve the mystery with a sacrifice knife.
We're not ready to realize that we all are dead.
We're wasting our time on illusions and try to pretend
That we are the gods. It's false - we are the slaves.
Fear is the Master. Facing the death seems the only escape.

All we are the death observers!
Now you are the death observer!

There're legions of madmen bonded by chains
Losing all faith and forgotten their names
Never mind the death just never mind
Pray for suicide live for suicide!

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