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Trouble In Paradise

This song is by Nefertiti and appears on the album L.I.F.E.: Living In Fear Of Extinction (1997).

(Feat. Nikke Kixx, King Tee)

(Intro: Nikke Kixx)

Uh, yo Trouble, this is for you G
Some crazy shit, but I gotta do what I gotta do

(Verse One: Nikke Kixx)

Her booty bang bang, gotta keep the flow
So you know my girl Trouble
Always on the elevated motivated kind of level
Cause, down down to the ground as I feel when I heard the news
Guess I got the blues, bust the next move
I check, then I wreck, then I got upset
Couldn't fade the fact, she would never be back
Damn... I fell to my knees
And I asked the Lord please; then I boo-hooed
Waitin for the big suit, so what's the next move, huh?
While I reminesce, while I reminesce, yeah
From show to show to show to show, ya know
My girl Trouble yup, always kept such a fat flow
Gotta get a grip, gotta get a grip, uh
And I will always make you mine, in time
This is for you G, the T-to-the-R-to-the-O
To-the-U-to-the-B-to-the-L-E, rest in peace
And I'm kickin it for you in ninety-three
Here I go, here I go

(Verse Two: King Tee)

Not to get the eyballs drippin
But when They Reminesce Over You, I be trippin'
It seems like two days back
We was chillin' in the studio, peepin out a track
Talkin' on the blahzay blah tip
Yo, here comes Trouble with the hit
Not too many could last
They flunked when Trouble talked class
They say God works mysterious
...But I'm curious
It's like a tasket a tisket, girl you ain't missed shit
Tryin' to get a meal ticket and stay fit
I know you're upstairs chillin'
And when you was here you made a killin'
Rest easy in peace, don't be agitated
From King Tee, it's dedicated

(Chorus: Big Mac)

We're gonna miss you Trouble, we're gonna miss you [x8]

(Verse Three: Nefertiti)

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
Back in the days, and ah we used to rage and ah
So put the pages, I fight back the tears and cry
Not singin' no sad song, just lettin out my feelings
Cause umm, Trouble's gone whether who's right or wrong
I'm comin' at cha
Ya see what I mean, it's left to me to pave the way
I walk the walk and steady leavin' back my state of mind
Tryin' to recreate the scene and wonderin why
Call Motown, let 'em know we doin' a Trouble song
The posse's deep we growin' stronger than stronger than strong
It's a deep thang, if you can't hang, don't try to swang
You're not able to see you could never be down with me
We're doin' a song to blow our horns, yo it's not to mourn
Consider me bein born, but over your death I'm torn
So good everlasting, I'll shout it out
I'm thinkin' of past things you said that helped and watched me out
West coast mobbin, niggaz that thought that we was nothin'
Pooh makes funky tracks it's the chronic so keep on puffin it
Teela's got That Triflin Album that them niggaz be lovin'
Yo-Yo's still real loco, gettin' them speedin tickets
And kickin them funky lyrics
I'm keepin' the vibes alive, I gotta keep them vibes alive
I hope you watch me strive... the rest of the time alive
I keep the spirit in my hand, I hope the record shall slam
Damn, I'm thinkin' about Trouble, MC Trouble

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